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I’m constantly just torn between wanting to grow up and move out and live on my own and do everything by myself but then other times want to still be able to just stay at home and sleep and do nothing with my life

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dinopuppysaur asked: Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers :3

Oh guuuull. ♥

1. Boys over flowers is my favorite kdrama. I don’t care what I say when I watch other dramas, this is the one.

2. I have a BOF necklace actually.

3. That was one of the first things I order online.

4. I think that one of my Big Bang posters is washed out because of the sun.

5. My favorite Monster is assault

6. It’s a red one.

7. I want to try every Monster drink that is out there before I die.

8. I think I’m going to have a giveaway when I come back from Narnia.

9. Narnia is Sukis place.

10. I’m leaving on Thursday :D

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