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what a weird place for his coach to put his hands….

cr: screencap from D-eSports

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2nd anniversary “message” to the GomTV viewers from MarineKing.

cr: GomTV

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MKP with couch.

Hahahahha omg, MKP with couch :D Well that’s one lucky couch :D

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→ Gaming Reality


There’s now a written article to go with the CNN video I posted yesterday. It’s long but a really good read, about the difference between pro-gaming and gaming addiction, and it focuses a huge amount on MarineKing’s personal story of how he got into StarCraft, his fight to become the best, and how his parents felt about it all. It’s interesting and informative and it’s also super touching, definitely worth the read.

“We said, ‘Stop it! You stop it, please! Please, please, please,’ we said. So we thought if we turned off the electricity, he couldn’t play the game. So that’s what we did.”

Through the walls, she listened as the rapping of MarineKing’s black keyboard fell silent.

But the noises that followed were just as wrenching.

“We could hear him screaming.”

Gaming Reality article

Worth reading. I didn’t know he had to go troug stuff like that, but I’m glad that he is the way he is now, because we love him like that :) GG MKP ♥

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