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→ Song of the week

I know it’s not Sunday, I just need to get this out of my system

So I didn’t really pay attention to this song (which is in the intro for Deathly Hallows part 2) until this Saturday when I watched this movie again.

This song is amazing. To me it’s like a song of sadness, of happiness and of truth. It convays so many emotions to me without having any lyrics.

I’m sure that this is my most favorite song from all of the movies.

15 April 2013 2 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This weeks song is Don’t you worry child by Swedish house mafia.

I know this song isn’t really new, but I never paid attention to it, but in the past couple of weeks it really helped me a lot, because whenever I was feeling down I would just listen to it and the part ‘Heavens got a plan for you’ calmed me down everytime.

Thank you Swedish house mafia. ♥

17 February 2013 2 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This weeks song of the month week is K.Wills Please Don’t…

This dudes voice is so fucking unbelievably good. It’s like I wanna drown myself in his voice.

Also the lyrics are very strong and have a meaningful message.

And it’s perfect.

20 January 2013 0 notes ←
→ Song of the week

Everybody out in the world can go hide, because You are Attractive by Akdong Musician is awesome.

I’ve always loved acoustic songs, and this is one of the best: they both have amazing voices and the lyrics are so catchy. I’ve been singing this song ever since the first time I heard it and I had no idea which song it is.

I love the slowness of it, and the way it flows.

I’m just so in love with this song, it’s scary already.

06 January 2013 0 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This weeks song of the week is Every night by EXID

I don’t know why I didn’t pay attention to these girls sooner, because they’re amazing.

I love this song, their voices match so well in it, I love the flow of the music… It’s just fits together perfectly.

I would also like to point out HOW MUCH I LOVE WHAT THEY’RE WEARING. Just shorts and a turtlenecks and they look like they just steped of a runway…

Can’t wait to get to know more about them

16 December 2012 0 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This weeks song is Baby Maniacs by Hatsune Miku

Ever since I heard it in that dance video I can’t stop listening to it. It’s addicting.

Someone help me please.

02 December 2012 0 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This week I’ve been addicted to 별 (Star) by MinHyuk from C.N. Blue

I feel in love with it the first time I heard it in the drama. He has such an amazing voice which goes so nicely with the guitar. Even my mom said it’s nice.

Yeah, I think this song will stay a long time with me. I wanna listen to it all them time.


12 August 2012 3 notes ←
→ Song of the week

Well I had a hard time choosing but in the end I chose B.A.Ps’ No Mercy and Beasts’ Beautiful Night

I didn’t want to choose Suju because they were also in the previous one, and the 2NE1s I love you is only interesting to me for 2 minutes (still love it though)

Although I’m not a big B.A.P fan, while Suki was here we watched the teaser so I was really excited for the song and it did not let me down. I love the rock vibe that it has to it and also the mix of rapping and singing. I love the part when the video games sounds are included. They really mixed everything nicely in the song and I love it.

I’m not gonna even talk about the dance or Zelo :D

[gif credit]

And the other song is Beautiful Night by Beast and I heard it for the first time an hour ago and fell in love with it in a second.

I’m yours – only you can make my heart race – I’m outta control
I’m yours, nobody, nobody can take your place
You drive me crazy

Its a fun song with a nice beat, I absolutely love the lyrics. It deffinetly a song for parties, you can dance to it…

[gif credit]

And my feelings are gone now.

22 July 2012 1 note ←
→ Song of the week

This week the song I like the most is 너로부터 (From u) by Super Junior

It’s another song for their fans, and since I love songs for fans (U-kiss Kiss Me, SHINees Honesty, Super Juniors Marry U…) I love this song. I like the summery feeling it has to it.

I also love the dance that they have for this song, and I love KRYs voices. Amazing.

And yay Kangins BACK ♥

08 July 2012 1 note ←
→ Song of the week

This week the song of the week is Loving U by SISTAR

I’m a huge SISTAR fan, they’re my fave girl group :)

I love this song. They made another perfect song for the summer (last year was ma boy imo)

It has a nice catchy beat, nice lyrics and it’s fun in all aspects.


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01 July 2012 5 notes ←
→ Song of the week

This week the song that is the song of the week is Doradora by U-Kiss!

Although it was only on Friday that I heard this song, I’m in love with it! I sing it all the time, I think I’ve listened to it for at least 100 times!

I also love love love the MV. The dance is amazing, and they all look frekin’ sexy.

I think this is the best song by them so far. I love the beat and the way the fast and the slow parts mix…

And yes, I never noticed how sexy KiSeop was until now!

13 May 2012 3 notes ←
→ Song of the week

So this is something that I want to do every week (when possible) and it’s called song of the week. I hope you’ll like it :D

So this week I’ve been addicted to Venus by Shinhwa

I really didn’t pay attention to them before their comeback because I only got into kpop in late 2010 and they were ‘away’ then.

When I first heard this song I was like meeh, nothing special, then about the third time I listened to it my mind was blown. After watching them perform it live with all the cheoragraphy I feel in love. 

It’s an amazing song with amazing vocals and an amazing instrumental…

I will make sure to keep my eye out for them :D

08 April 2012 4 notes ←